Taura Lamb

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Born and raised in the midlands, Taura Lamb moved to South London to study music at Goldsmiths. It was here that she discovered her affinity for music production, allowing her to hone in her skill as a writer, resulting in a credit on the dance hit ‘Tied Up’ by The Magician and Julian Perretta, that hit the top 40 across Europe in 2017.

Transferring this natural aptitude for writing into her own music, Taura’s artist project became her main focus, combining multiple layered vocals, stripped back production, and a background in Jazz piano to create a relaxed pop/R&B sound.

2020 saw the release of Taura’s debut EP ‘Lucky Girls’, a project totally written and produced by Taura herself – which was later followed by her incredible debut album which saw contributions from James Smith, edbl, ST LUNA and the Royal’s photographer Will Warr.


“Taura Lamb is up to the challenge of keeping the momentum going”THE LINE OF BEST FIT

“Lamb’s pure and simple backing and sassy beats are concretizing the artists place on the R&B-Pop scene” - NOTION

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