SONGER is a different kind of UK rapper. At 22 he’s recorded three of the most watched Blackbox freestyles of all time, collaborated with artists like Bad Boy Chiller Crew and Vibe Chemistry, and released three album-length mixtapes, amassing more than 50 million streams on Spotify alone. He can rap over any beat — hip-hop, garage, drum & bass — and is as natural a lyricist as you’ll find in the UK.

Coming from just outside Reading, he represents something of an anomaly in a scene dominated by London rappers. But his last mixtape The Sunrise Project was streamed over 30 million times with no playlist support, and he is now preparing to release his next EP Skala. Having just announced a debut UK tour that sold out in two hours (with tickets for both London shows selling out in a matter of minutes), SONGER is poised to blow.

SONGER dropped his debut mixtape Dream Workz in 2019, a thoughtful mix of club bangers and artful storytelling including the incredible no-hook soul tune ‘All I Can Do’. Its follow up, the heady Lyrics For Sanity, dropped in 2020, before 2021’s The Sunrise Project introduced SONGER to the UK rap scene in earnest, pairing lyrics about football and mental health with drum & bass beats and R&B choruses. In 2022 he even broke the charts, reaching number 35 with a feature on Vibe Chemistry’s dnb smash ‘Balling’, unleashing a verse that sent fans wild in the YouTube comments.

On his next EP Skala, SONGER prepares to crash the mainstream. It finds him equally pensive, insightful and energetic, rapping about love and society over classical piano, boom- bap and garage.

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