Matt Ryder

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Matt Ryder is a London-based, 19-year-old, writer and producer from Birmingham, UK. Despite his young age Matt has managed to create an expansive sound that blends many genres to create something fresh, exciting and forward thinking. Taking a full circle view across his music, everything is produced and written by him, his lyrical content feels mature beyond his years and it's clear he wants to tell a story and express his feelings through his songs. Matt releases all his music on his own label EC30.  Fast making a home for himself in the electronic scene, it is an exciting time for Ryder and for those who discover his music at this stage as he is pivoting in a direction that will no doubt cement him as a credible artist and producer, very soon.

“Matt Ryder shows why he’s one to watch in the years to come.”COLORS

“Matt Ryder has already created a unique and expansive sound that looks to blend the lines between many genres, creating something fresh and exciting” - NOTION

“The Birmingham-based artist and producer meshes waves of emotion with dreamy electronica” – WONDERLAND

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